Sunday, 26 May 2013

One dessert for every day of the year-Finland

In Finland there are so many different desserts and most of them are eaten on specific times of the year. This is part 1 of the Finnish dessert adventure. 

1. Pancakes in Finland are baked in the oven and then cut into square pieces. They are eaten with wiped cream/ice cream and jam. Traditionally the pancakes are served for lunch on Thursdays with pea soup, this is said to originate in the pre-Reformation era, as preparation for fasting on Friday.

2. Runeberg's Torte is named after the Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. The tortes are typically eaten from the beginning of January to Runeberg's birthday on February 5. 

3. Lasliaispulla  is associated with Lent and especially Shrove Tuesday. They are available in shops and bakeries every day from shortly after Christmas until Easter. It is a sweet bun filled with whipped. 

4. Mämmi is usually eaten only during the Easter season.  It is made out of water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye, seasoned with dark molasses, salt, and dried powdered Seville orange zest. It is eaten cold with milk or cream.

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